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Welcome to the 30 days of happiness challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is to increase your happy factor.  What the heck does that mean?  Well, I went through a tough time in my life where I had this negative voice in my head constantly reminding me of my short comings, and constantly discouraging me from pursing my dreams.  I knew what I wanted to accomplish but I allowed every excuse I could think of deter me from following them.  Think about if you ever said one of these:  “It’s not the right time”; “When I decide to really pursue this dream, I want everything lined up”; “I don’t have enough money right now”; “I don’t have enough support” and the list goes on and on.  Any of these sound familiar?  I won’t lie, I have always had the mindset that I can achieve but the obstacles I faced were that I really didn’t believe.  Confused?  What I mean is that I could verbally say I believed I could be successful in business but my actions did not follow my belief.  It wasn’t until I learned how to Slay my inner bully (really manage the inner critic in my head that we all have) that things really started to change for me. 

They can change for you too.  This 30 day challenge is the beginning of that change.

You want to feel more fulfilled and you want to feel happy to your core.  Not surface happy, but really happy.  The only way this is going to happen is if you take action.  It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your day.

What the results of this course will be:

  • Development of new GOOD habits
  • Development of a growth mindset
  • New connections
  • MOVEMENT towards your goals
  • More fulfillment
  • Access to my team – the SLAY team – honestly the greatest group of people in the world

Together, we are SLAYING our inner bully! 

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Purposeful and meaningful targeted action will lead to success in our goals.  The primary goal we have for you is to help you to become more aware of who you are and learn to accept who you are.  If there are things that could benefit you to change, then that is a choice you make and on your terms.  We are here to provide you with strategies and tools that will lead to your success.  One of these tools are the courses we offer at Jen Slay Enterprises.  

Three times a year I partner with coach, Jennifer Jimbere, to offer the Slay Your Inner Bully 6 week intensive.  The course has had rave reviews and as mentioned,  the live sessions are only offered 3 times per year.  Take action – click this link https://thrivexperts.com/slay-your-inner-bully/ and get ready to Slay Your Inner Bully.  You got this!  Slay Your Day!

Jennifer Slay
Jennifer Slay
Women’s Empowerment Life Coach, Counsellor, Speaker, & Author

Committed to helping you achieve and surpass your goals, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Jennifer Slay offers dynamic coaching experiences that keep you accountable, encouraged and the good news is she starts with you simply where you are. Right here. Right now.

With almost 20 years in working with human behavior and helping others overcome life’s barriers, Jennifer knows how to get results. She wholeheartedly believes that every one has the opportunity to reach their full potential and she is gifted in pulling out what is unique and possible.

As a Speaker, Coach, Author and Counsellor, Jennifer has had a seasoned career in helping the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.  With her focus now on developing healthy, wealthy, and wise solutions for women who desire to change, Jennifer has a busy and bright roster of clients. She specializes in working with women from all walks of life as well as community organizations to make meaningful and lasting impact. 

She would love to work with you!

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Course Curriculum

30 Days of Happiness
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1. First Things First
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2. Slay the Day by Silencing your Inner Bully
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30 Days of Happiness Daily Affirmations
Day 1 - What does it really mean to slay?
Day 2 - The media’s job is to make us believe we need what they are selling.
Day 3 - There is a saying that says “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”.
Day 4 I was told once that 90% of our reality is based upon our perception.
Day 5 - Google defines the word beautiful as an adjective – pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically
Day 6 - I define true happiness as...
Day 7 - To truly be confident does not mean...
Check in time! How is it Going!
Day 8 - We only use less than 10% of our brains...
Day 9 - Have you ever been in love or in really deep like?
Day 10 - Have you ever noticed ...
Day 11 - Life is full of choices.
Day 12 - Loving life is not always easy...
Day 13 - I love google.
Day 14 - Confidence and strength are states of mind.
You are half way there!
Day 15 - There are no two people in this world who are exactly alike.
Day 16 - It is easy for someone to encourage us to be grateful...
Day 17 - What about Goals?
Day 18 - For those of you who do not believe that you...
Day 19 - In the complexities of life we can lose ourselves...
Day 20 - Words are very powerful.
Day 21 - When we have the thought “I have no choice”
Oh Look at You - Did you just make a New Good Habit?!
Day 22 - Being a positive person means being ...
Day 23 - Ever wonder how great people attract more greatness?
Day 24 - We all have what we need to succeed.
Day 25 - Am I my Own Bully?
Day 26 - The art of forgiveness is like medicine for our souls.
Day 27 - How do you honor yourself?
Day 28 - Love, happiness, and joy can be experienced daily
Day 29 - How do we effectively learn how to manage our inner critic?
Day 30 - You did it!
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Yay!!! You Made it to the End!
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